Co-ordination and Integration of Multi Value Chains

GreenEnergyPark™: Empowering Africa’s New Agricultural Economy

DalinYebo’s GreenEnergyPark™ will contribute to Africa’s food security and create permanent rural jobs, because these small economic hubs are located in the centres of agricultural areas and its profits will flow back to the farming community.

The anchor tenants of the GreenEnergyPark™ are a furfural biorefinery and an electricity co-generation plant, which will provide off-grid power to other tenants, such as micro maize millers (or to the surrounding villages). Furfural biorefineries have been operating since 1922 (e.g in the USA or China). Since 2001, our technology provider, International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd (IFT), has modernised these old process and made them more energy efficient.   .. more

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Originally Published in the ECOreport.

The biofuel industry has been enjoying a 19.6% annual growth since 2005. That is about to change. The World’s 53.2 billion gallon biofuel industry could grow to over 60 billion gallons during the next few years. Much of this will come from riskier next generation technologies.

Approximately 65.9% of global biofuel capacity

GreenEnergyPark™‘s insight:

Biofuels mainly use the C6-fraction of the biomass (sugars, starches and celluloses). This leaves the lignins and the C5-fraction (hemicelluloses), from which furfural is made. Furfural is a platform chemical for large variety of bio-renewable chemicals and bioplastics (

Furfural has been industrially made since 1922. No risky technologies are need. It’s not rocket science:

See on

via Scoop.itBiorenewable Chemicals & Energy



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Next breakthrough: carbon fiber from Biomass. En route to a totally sustainable airplane! The Energy Department of the U.S.(DOE) recently announced up to $12 million in funding to advance the production of cost-competitive, high-performance carbon fiber material from renewable non-food-based feedstocks such as agricultural and forestry residues.

We suggest that some of the furfural by-products should be considered. There are a variety of avenues that lead to e.g. thermoset-resin-biofiber composites or high-temperature polymers.


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