Remembering Dr. Karl Joachim Zeitsch (3 Jun 1928 - 12 Sep 2001) - Obituary

BSc. Eng (Chem), Doctorate in Technical Chemistry

Dr. K. J. Zeitsch
Dr. Karl Zeitsch graduated from the University of Aix-la-Chapelle with a degree of Diplomingenieur in chemical engineering. He also held a doctorate (summe cum laude) in technical chemistry from the University of Karlsruhe. Karl worked for the Union Carbide Corporation in New York, USA, as a group head for the development of advanced rocket technology. Ten years later he worked as director of the laboratories for Alfa-Laval in Hamburg, Germany. He was then appointed director of chemical engineering of Krupp Industrietechnik in Grevenbreich, Germany (9 years). After spending nine years in Durban, working for Illovo Sugar Limited as chemical and technical consultant, he returned to Germany where he was pursuing his interests as author and inventor of novel design procedures (chemical, electrical, thermal and mechanical). Until his death, Karl was the mentor of the current team behind the SupraYield technology development. Karl was not only an accomplished engineer, but also excelled in writing poetry.  He was a tennis enthusiast and died on the tennis court in the arms of his 'Lebensgefährtin'.

Specialities: Over 25 years experience in furfural technology ·World leader on furfural chemistry and technology · Specialities · Author of technical papers · Inventor · Holder of many patents ·

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