Cellulosic Ethanol (Pre-treatment): The “BBS” plug-in removes the pentosans (C5-components), which partially poisen yeasts ..

BBS improves Cellulosic Ethanol Processes (

Therefore, when “BBS” is plugged-in as part of the lignocellulose pre-treatment stage, it will improve the quality of the biomass for enzymatic conversion, reducing operating costs/improving conversion yields.

Independent researchers confirm this! See extracts below (For the full article and .PDF go to

Simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentation (SSCF) of lignocellulosic residues from commercial furfural production (furfural residue, FR) and corn kernels were carried out to compare different nutritional media. The final ethanol concentration, the yield, the amount of live yeast cells and yeast cell death ratio were investigated to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating cellulosic and starch ethanol. Results: ... the yeast cell death ratio decreased in the SSCF of FR and corn kernels.

... SSCF could simultaneously convert cellulose into ethanol from both corn kernels and FR, and the SSCF ethanol yield was similar between the organic and mineral salt media. ...It is feasible to produce ethanol in SSCF of FR and corn kernels with mineral salt medium. It would be cost-efficient to produce ethanol in SSCF of high water insoluble solid (WIS) of lignocellulosic materials and corn kernels. ...

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Author: Yong TangDanqing ZhaoCarrasco CristhianJianxin JiangCredits/Source: Biotechnology for Biofuels 2011, 4:22

  • saccharification
  • fermentation
  • Lignocellulose


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