Cobelec™: Creating Wealth From Crop Residue

At the end of 3Q10, this business plan was runner-up in the first african cleatech investment competition and labeled ”investment ready” by the judges from UNFCCC Expert Group on Technology Transfer and other international and local experts (incl. IFC and IDC).

DalinYebo is the Xhosa word for Wealth Creation. We do this in the Cleantech space.

At DalinYebo we use Innovative Minds to convert biomass into chemicals and energy. More specifically we would like to introduce you to our Cobelec™ Start-up, a business that is based on the conversion of corncobs into electricity … and in the future to chemicals, also.

Note: Contact details have changed (Page 14)


GreenEnergyPark™: Turning corncobs into chemicals and energy is the core of the GreenEnergyPark™, which provides the infrastructure for other enterprises (most likely, but not exclusively) in the agri-processing sector.

Cobelec™ Project

Cobelec™ Business Plans

DalinYebo Business Model


For Investors

  • Cobelec™
  • Corncobs
  • Biobased Electricity
  • renewable energy
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