Tracking Furfural Prices for (almost) 20 Years

Furfural is a B2B trade and market data is not easily available to market outsiders. DalinYebo's prices are based on our own trading insights. Market statistics are obtained from global trade statistics, using the harmonised tariff code (29321200).

For 10 years, until 2009, furfural prices have remained in a relatively stable band of between $650/t and $1,200/t FOB (CMP). During this period, the Chinese were found guilty (in the US and Europe) of dumping, which to some degree explains the low prices. In recent years, however, internal demand has absorbed Chinese production capacity. China has from time to time started to import furfural. China has ±80% of the global furfural production capacity and consumes about ±75% of it. Therefore, the global furfural prices are determined by domestic Chinese issues, such as droughts/floods, labour costs, feedstock costs/availability, government policies (e.g. anti-pollution or finance, etc.).

It's complicated: Based on above price determinants and given the current economic outlook for 2014, we expect the prices to remain in a US$1,400/t to US$1,500/t FOB (CMP) price range.

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This article is part of a series on "biomass for furfural" production, which provides our clients with updates and analysis on the fundamentals and competitiveness of a variety of feedstock and their conversion to chemicals and energy (incl. biofuels).

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