The Cobelec™ presentation outlines a cleantech investment for renewable energy from agricultural residues.

In September 2010, our business plan was recognised as runner-up in the CTI PFAN African Forum for Clean Energy Financing. The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) is a multilateral, public-private partnership initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in cooperation with the UNFCCC Expert Group on Technology Transfer.

In a series-A round of financing (R4million), DalinYebo seek to raise the capital to complete the bankable feasibility study for our first (out of min. 5) 7MW Cobelec™· project, which will be housed in a special purpose vehicle. We are looking for an investor, who has the ability to also go with us into or manage the series-B (project finance) round, which will be in the order of R97million (a mix of equity, short and long-term debt). The ROI is exceptional.

For more information, visit our GreenEnergyPark™ website.

Visit our Downloads for the Cobelec™ Business Plan and/or the Investor Presentation (click here to view it online).

1-Page project summary.

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