Carving out a future for biomass conversion to jet fuel

A pioneering study has proposed a new integrated method for producing aviation fuels from woody feedstock by considering all downstream processing stages and carrying out a detailed economic analysis. Lignocellulose, a raw material in biomass, can be converted to biofuels and is often considered a long-term alternative to the diminishing supply of fossil fuels. The conversion process involves biomass pretreatment, hydrolysis of constituent carbohydrates and catalytic conversion of platform chemicals. Proposed strategies to convert lignocellulose to aviation fuels have underused components, preventing their commercialisation.

DalinYebo‘s insight:

Furfural production should be an integrated unit-process of every lignocellulosic biorefinery (see Paid4Pretreatment™ ), as it offers the best use of the C5-molecule for the conversion into fuels (example: C10 and C11 branched alkanes, with low freezing points, are synthesized through the aldol condensation of furfural and methyl isobutyl ketone).

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