Furfural: The (Promising) Platform Chemical

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Furfural chemistry is one of the oldest biomass-derived platforms for synthetic products like resins, plastics, polymers, etc.

Editor’s Note: Furfural is actually not a ‘promising’ platform chemical as 100s (I google it!) of scientists say when they publish research in the furfural space. Furfural chemistry has evolved since furfural was first made commercially in the 1920s. The first Nylon stocking was made from furfural-derived derivative in the mid-50s. Very soon, however, large-scale nylon production was switched to cheaper oil-based chemistry. The barrier to large-scale use of furfural has always been its costs.

It is ‘promising’ to see the amount of research taking place furfural at the centre. It hopefully will reduce the costs of making the many furfural by-products (derivatives).

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