DalinYebo has developed techniques and applies modern, proven technology to reduce a furfural plant's steam usage.

Traditionally, there is only a limited amount of residue left after furfural production. Most of it is consumed by the plant's boilers to generate the steam for the furfural process. If the steam usage is reduced, there are direct benefits, such as:

Reduced effluent (liquid and airborne)!

Lignocellulosic residue available for other uses. We have evaluated (laboratory, studies, market research, etc.):

 Furfural Residue: Ideal Feedstock For Cellulosic Ethanol

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Why Furfural Helps Cellulosic Ethanol

Cattle Feed

Activated Carbon

Celluling Fibre

Absorbent to clean oil/chemical spills

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Fermentation of residues from furfural production

BBS-Biorefining: Smart Minds – Disruptive Technolog

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At a factory in Belgium, a new breed of products is being developed from the fibrous remains of sugar cane.

It is a raw material with plenty of potential. Wim Van Rhijn, the General Manager of TransFurans Chemicals explains: “In the Dominican Republic we start from sugar cane. First the sugar is extracted, and then you obtain the bagasse. This is our starting raw material.

Hans Hoydonckx, the Business Development Manager of TransFurans Chemicals continues: “This woody material is cooked at a high temperature and from the cooking you get a pure chemical, and this is called Furfural, it smells like almonds".

“This is the basis of our new products, so we have a full polymer form of furfuryl alcohol and we impregnate various substrates with it.”

The bioresin made by TransFurans Chemicals aims to be a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly replacement for oil-based plastics. “The first example is the interior market,” explains Hoydonckx. “There we make decorative high pressure laminates. We also made components for the automotive industry, so this is also bioresin, moulded at high temperatures, but here we replaced the paper with a natural fibre". more (



Potential Products from Furfural


From and

Since 1972 this plant, at that time part of the chemical division of the Quaker Oats Company has been supplying foundry resin manufacturers with furfuryl alcohol. Other furanic resins, such as biocarb and biorez formulations and specialty furfural-based chemicals are produced by TFC's high qualified production team.

TransFurans Chemicals (TFC) is a pioneer in furan chemicals and a keen investor in innovation and actively expands the application platform of its products through the development of biomass based resin systems, polyols and environmentally friendly solvents.


Other references:

Int. Lignin Institute Umbrella Programme ("Ecobinders") "Since 2002, the thematic network EUROLIGNIN financed by the European Union, has been analysing existing and new research approaches in the lignin field".

­EU Commission 6th Framework Programme ("Biocomp"): "This project aims to develop engineering composite materials made entirely from renewable resources. These bio-composites are composed of bio-derived resins reinforced by natural fibres and address the issue of environmental sustainability for future consumer and engineering products"

EU Commission 7th Framework Programme ("BioAgrotex"): "The basic objective of the project is to develop new high end textile products, based for 100% on natural fibres and bio-based or biopolymers."

EU Commission 7th Framework Programme ("Natex"):"Promote the use of natural fibers (hemp and flax) in structural applications"

EU Commission 7th Framework Programme (Advanced WOODbased Composite Materials and Components "WOODY"): "Currently the world of polymeric composite materials is almost exclusively based on fossil derived components. The non-renewable global oil resources are being more and more exploited each year, as a consequence of the growing demand for plastics engineering materials."

EU Commission 7th Framework Programme (Fire-Resist"): "This project that aims to improve the fire performance of high performance polymer matrix composite materials for the transport sectors."


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Congratulations to our Associate Consultant Gianluca Marcotullio (and also Wiebren) on the publication of United States Patent Application 20120108829!

image Gianluca has a special business focus on technologies that reduce energy (= steam reduction in furfural plants) and complements the DalinYebo team with his particular interest and knowledge in the field of process development for new generation biorefineries. Gianluca has a personal interest in the furfural chemistry and technology, which is published in his thesis "The Chemistry And Technology Of Furfural For Modern Lignocellulose-Feedstock Biorefineries (Furfural, the sleeping beauty)" and now also in the above United States Patent Application:

The invention is directed to a process for the production of furfural from pentoses and/or water soluble pentosans, said process comprising converting the said pentoses and/or water soluble pentosans in aqueous solution in a first step to furfural and in a second step feeding the aqueous solution containing furfural obtained in the first step to the top of a distillation column to produce an aqueous, liquid downflow, which column is heated at the bottom to produce an upflow water vapour flow, recovering a gaseous water and furfural containing product stream from the top of the said column, compressing the said vapour flow and condensing it on the hot side of a reboiler at the bottom of the said column.

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Furfural has been made from bagasse since the 1950's.

The Following was first published by (April 2012)

The world's largest furfural factories use bagasse as feedstock (see above site for the presentation). We view furfural as an alternate revenue stream either in lieu of electricity production or as an appendix to electricity co-generation. Furfural can be a very viable diversification alternative and integrates into new or existing sugar mills, whether they make ethanol, sugar or both.


A business plan and background information is available from the website (registered users).

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