DalinYebo’s µ-BioRefinery™ makes use of simple, fit-for-purpose processing equipment that is installed close to the biomass source to produce bio-renewable chemicals and biobased electricity. µ-BioRefinery™ is based on a smart down-scaling and integration of proven existing technologies (and their mass and energy balance). It will bring benefit to:

  • Sugarcane (incl. sweet stem sorghum) farmers .. especially the small scale growers
  • Agricultural residues (corncobs, sunflower husks, rice husks, oat hulls, etc.)
  • Cellulose (tree tops and limbs, pulp mill liquors and/or waste water, cellulosic ethanol pretreatment)

µ-BioRefinery™ is ..

Small and viableScalable and/or Replicable

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* see our apology to the Scholars of Latin and Greek.


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