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  • June 2015
    Turning corncobs into chemicals and energy is the core of the GreenEnergyPark™

    Below is a copy of our posts to vc4africa.biz and GreenEnergyPark.co.za


    Turning corncobs into chemicals and energy is the core of the GreenEnergyPark, which provides the infrastructure for other anchor tenants and enterprises (most likely, but not exclusively) in the agri-processing sector.

    GreenEnergyParks (GrEnPa) are small commercial developments in rural areas th

  • May 2015
    We buy Corncobs & Other Biomass!  (.. once Cob.Trade is operational)

    Cob.Trade™ announced a first round of financing for its cloud-based trading & information platform for biomass, a development that connects individual biomass owners (small and large farmers) with a local buyer.

    Cob.Trade™ provides information on the biomass supply chain (harvesting, transport, storage, etc.) and on biomass (types, quality, uses

  • February 2013
    €25million GreenEnergyPark™. Olive Residue → Pomace Oil, Furfural, Electricity & Fertiliser

    Together with our associates in Germany, DalinYebo has been developing this GreenEnergyPark™ project since 2008. For details, visit GreenEnergyPark™ (Status updated: 7 Feb 2013).

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  • April 2012
    The world's largest furfural factories use bagasse as feedstock


    We view furfural as an alternate revenue stream either in lieu of electricity production or as an appendix to electricity co-generation. Furfural can be a very viable diversification alternative and integrates into new or existing sugar mills, whether they make ethanol, sugar or both.

    View our presentation or download (registered users) the business plan and background information.

  • November 2010
    Project to collect and convert 60,000 tonne/year biomass into electricity and other products. Business plan developed. Call for Series-A financing.

    The Cobelec™ business plan presentation outlines a cleantech investment for renewable energy made from agricultural residues. In September 2010, our business plan was recognised as runner-up in a clean energy financing forum.A pre-feasibility study has been performed that shows that the conversion of

  • October 2010
    Since 2001, we have undertaken a variety of projects for the exclusive benefits of our clients.

    Some of our completed projects are listed below. Click here to go back to the current projects.

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